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My 3 “Go-To” items, before I leave the house!

So I’m sure you all have those few key things you have to put on everyday before you step out into the world and show your beautiful faces.  For me it is my concealer, Mascara, and my perfume.  The reasoning behind these 3 items is simple, lets start with the concealer.  I like to think of this as 8 hours of sleep in a stick!   Even if you didn’t catch as many Z’s as you would have like the night before you can still look alive and well!  Concealer is great for hiding those dark circles under your eyes, but make sure to keep it away from the outer corners of your eyes.  The reason being, it is the place most of us have fine lines and wrinkles and the concealer can highlight that , and no one wants that!  Now onto Mascara!  I think even if a pinch, Mascara does so much to your over all look, that it’s worth the 30 seconds to put it on.  My personal favorite right now is Maybelline Great Lash-Big Mascara, the brush is large and helps get all those little lashes.  And last but certainly not least is my perfume, and right now I am in love with True Religion!  It is an instant pick me up and just makes me feel happy and calm.  I’m sure all of you out there have your go-to items every morning and I’d love to hear about them!


~Pick of the week~

I absolutely love these sandals!! The wedge heel is super cute for this spring and summer! Also if you don’t normally wear heels but you’d like to start, a wedge is the way to go. It will give you more support if your going to be on your feet a lot during the day.

Nine West -Ponti


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